An aggregate of quotes introducing all nonfiction articles :

Globe :

  1. Millennia after dinosaurs ruled lands of no man, there exist today borders by no man’s land.

  2. Mass matters.

  3. Globalism is an ism of greater nationality through uniformity !

Home :

  1. Calorie can neither be burnt nor frozen but can only be used to work.

  2. Doctors are angels on earth !

  3. A blog is a mediator of an author with the readers.

Office :

  1. Psychology is what puts a hundred people into hundred different categories.

  2. Not all who like ice cream prefer chocolate to vanilla.

  3. Knowledge is the walker of an infant business.

School :

  1. A man is a machine, of natural kind, so is its learning.

  2. Examples are not better than percept.

  3. To err (by machine) is (loss to) human.

Temple :

  1. Evolution has capacitated our intellect to question the source of evolution itself.

  2. The Limit of Creation is the creation of limits.