” Let there be sight !

And there was light.

A flicker of might

Froze out of night. ”

Following is a matrice of my articles’ titles; yes, a two dimensional layout.

  1. If you wish to go through all, so in the order of publication dates, then read them serially.
  2. If you are interested in a preferred category only, then read them serially, but with gaps following the icon of choice.

0) šŸ“ The-journey-begins of questioning the self !


  • July

1) šŸŒ Where-is-the-border-lined?

2) šŸ  What-is-meant-by-calorie?
3) šŸ¢ How-responsive-are-workers?

4) šŸ« How-should-a-machine-learn?
5) šŸ—æ Who-created-the-creator?

  • August

6) šŸŒ When-does-autocracy-matter?
7) šŸ  Are-we-too-much-dependent-on-doctors?
8) šŸ¢ How-inefficient-can-be-motivation?

9) šŸ« How-can-examples-fail-to-teach?

10) šŸ—æ Can-creation-surpass-the-creator?

  • September

11) šŸŒ What-can-we-expect-from-globalism?

12) šŸ  How-is-the-gravity-of-your-blog?

13) šŸ¢ How-fluid-is-knowledge-transfer?

14) šŸ« What-is-more-crucial-than-error?

15) šŸ—æ Can-we-see-the-unseeable?

The journey halts, of the first installment !

” I was always here

And never nowhere,

As I’m always there

And never elsewhere. ”