50|What is the true meaning of race ? 🌐

I recall, a kindergarten child was once drawing a tree with pink leaves, in spite of them being green, standing right in front of him. I insisted that Nature has painted it green, it is healthy, so there’s nothing wrong with it but the child stubbornly replied, “I like pink.”

Disclaimer : This post is a long awaited thought finally venting out to share my difference of opinion, and along with it, the clarity of my understanding so far. Please feel free to express your opinions or reasons in comments section.

“The word race historically traces back to 14th century BC, meaning an act of running, as in Norse or old English. Its modern usage is figurative that actually implies how far, to what extent, how much progress, a group of people has made where the grouping is lined by individuals who contribute to that progress, not by their geographical location or native language or physical appearance.” – an excerpt from ‘Changeth History – Codename Hamburger’ chapter – 7.

The conception of racism is actually a part, in a deeper psyche, of a bigger picture called Prejudice that is manifested into 3 faces as per the projections of the being in human.

  • Body – the bias by size, looks or skin complexion, as in racism.
  • Mind – the intolerance of culture, beliefs or opposite views, as in fanatism.
  • Soul – the privilege by birthright, hierarchy or authority as in fascism.

I suppose racism is what happens when human minds wander away from Nature, not realizing, it is not the greenery or the pinkery, but the very function of the leaves that keeps the plant alive, the very connection among the people that keeps a society lively, the very deeds that define a human, not the melanin.

I have always failed to understand what melanin has to do with races, a biochemical difference with psychological discrimination, a preferential visage with moral goodwill. Whenever I think about it, I feel so abnormal alienated “inhuman” for I cannot comprehend the hearts of normal prejudiced humans. The way I see it is that, different flowers have different hues, but do we dislike any ?

If at all there has been a race, it has been with the primates, and the winner is already declared, or is it ? That advanced alien species watching Earth from Andromeda is laughing at the planet’s most intelligent species, Homo Sapiens !

Reference :

Answered by Changeth-history-codename-hamburger-Chapter-7

Stimulated by Lets-talk-about-skin-color

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