36|Is anger treatable ? 🗿

“Anger is a letter away from Danger.”

A problem stated well, is solved halfway already. Therefore, attempting to define it, one may consider anger as a nonsubmissive psychological direct response to an unfavourable or atleast undesirable situation, if and only if the situation is driven by person(s). One could get angry upon a worldwide terrorist but never on a pandemic coronavirus having higher mortality rate !

This article is written to analyze certain emotional behaviour of humans. I request the reader, if is a psychologist, to comment here with pointers to standard medical theories for the general mass.

Brain is a logical instrument, so is anger an outcome of experience. It is thus, a result of upbringing, where a child fears a grownup to consequently obey. As the child grows up, in order to make others obey, the brain finds it apparently logical to apply the known method, that now being at the reverse end of communication, mimics the grownup, inversing fear into anger.

The worst case of reaction through anger is analogous to the immense thrust exerted by an indomitable flow of river, when it meets an immovable boulder in opposition. Asking the river to stop flowing so as to avoid anger, is obviously futile. In order to prevent the clash, following are the 4 ways to address the issue :

  • Self change – the river may reduce its dashing current, the means of which is split into following.
    1. Reduce impulse at source – a long lasting solution through realization and meditation. This method helps to alter the way one’s mindset is accustomed/trained to respond to a situation.
    2. Control the steepness of life it is falling through – a short term practical solution that addresses the immediate concern. This method is useful to drive away causes like frustration.
  • Event change – the river may find an alternative trench to move on, which requires the following.
    1. Tactfulness and awareness to escape before the impact
    2. Feasibility of redirecting the course of choices.

Obviously, means to next option viz. “change others” is out of question in above extreme scenario, especially when the benefit of such change shall not be reaped by self and his/her life.

Thus, a one year course of anger management cannot completely wipe off the underlying decades of psychological tiers in brain, but only place a fresh layer of behavioural tier. The apparent partial failure of such attempts is why some modern practitioners have hopelessly begun to rely on psychiatric medicines and “taboo” severe temper as a mental condition. Indeed, in contrast to a disease, it is a condition, as in a prolonged state of thought processes that resort to same reaction persistently.

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4 thoughts on “36|Is anger treatable ? 🗿

  1. Very well analysed. Quite refined. How about the following outlook to add a layer of extra meaning to your analysis? :
    The qualities are not product of brain functioning but of innate mind. Here mind is not a biproduct of brain but a metaphysical entity that takes brain as the seat of manifesting physically, its effects. The need for this metaphysical qty arises when the preconditioning of children’s growth is observed. A set of children born in same family, having almost similar love from parents tend to be completely different as they grow older. This, can not be explained from present psychological theories except for showing minor differences such as friends, etc. But we all know no two siblings are alike no matter what. So this removes the theory of pre-conditioning of brain as an influential element in anger.
    So a metaphysical mind is needed. Mind gets its qualities from self’s accumulated qualities – even from past lives. Here, if the past life theory is inevitable, else mind becomes equivalent to brain in all its existence and we come back to previous inexplanations. So, if anger is obtained from past life (assuming no beginning to the series of lives) then the only way of addressing the issue is to study to rectify the source – the source of mind.
    So instead of telling someone to manage anger – which reminds them of anger constantly by very word, one needs to make use of mind’s submissive nature to action. A pleasant action renders mind I to a series of thoughts relates to that action and this alone can replace anger or any so called bad quality with its higher counterparts.
    I summarise the essence of Karma Yoga in your terms btw. 🙂 What’s your take?

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    1. Welcome back. Writing a book, in your case books, really makes one engrossed.

      Hope, you are fine amidst this “new normal” of world, probably back to your native land, working from home ..

      My take is similar, but not same. Thank you for commenting it has fueled me to write more, hopefully, upcoming soon.

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    2. All those you (and me) have mentioned here becomes needless, by the last line – Karma Yoga – for one who is (Karma) Yogi or a saint would not fall for anger. The idea is to help those who are not attuned to Peace yet, or those who digress occasionally. 🤔

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