41|Of Minds

“I am a legion, relieved of my duty.”

Act-I :
Unborn was Religion, with the birth of Homo Sapiens. It was his budding Intelligence that sparked Curiosity. It was his sizzling Imagination that fanned the spark, and impregnated his kind with unnamed Religion. Raised by individuals and praised by clans, the elements converged into one infant, made in his image. As the clans advanced into the beyond, they were welcomed with hostility. Not meant to desolate, but bring all under one shed, Religion rolled out of its infancy.

New lands were being occupied but Time was difficult to be conquered, for their expanse was limited by necessity brought by their rate of growing number. As Space caused the relay, Time made the delay, wavering the propagation and forming hamlets by isolation. As the hamlets grew into distinct kingdoms, so did the several quins of religion, grew into separate kins. As the kingdoms released hordes to stamp the unchartered lands, the merging was resumed only to find kins looking different who were then named differently. So were the names of religion, assigned not by the followers but the newcomers who needed to address, to tally, to decide to follow or not. War was waged amongst the kins. “I am a legion, relieved of my duty,” rues Religion.

During these depressing centuries, a sister was born out of matured Curiosity called Philosophy, who, communed with Skills from the lands of Tools, and later begot the prophesied son, naming him Science who would bring peace through consesus. While the life of Religion was filled with ups and downs of expeditions, the promising nephew aka Science is believed to get sheer growth alone, the consistency of which is expected to kill Religion soon and unexpected to poison Science later with beans of saturation in the long run, only to reinstate aged Philosophy in a new avatar, namely Ethics on the throne of Minds.

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