37|Went Viral

World Environment Day


Expression :

Throughout the earth, has spread a contagion


Akin to a war, claiming dominion


That make lessons to be learnt

~ Through trials obligatory

And cause losses to be earned

~ As evil that’s necessary

Whether a lasting race, pegging fanions


Or a shared voyage, flaunting pennons


Inevitable it is for evolution
~ Of the collective mind

That converges to unition
~ Of remaining mankind.

Time and again, such is the rack and pinion


As viral is Man himself, chining his environ


Annotation :

A microorganism is

  • driven by its survival against all odds,
  • the excessive inertia of which, at times aggravates the fatality of its hosts, eventually destroying its own habitat,
  • before nature statistically recognizes the benefit of symbiosis.

Likewise, a human can

  • be fueled by possession against all losses,
  • the extensive inertia of which, can lead to greed, further extending to territorialism and battles, eventually damaging its own economy of resources,
  • before a wearied soul and failed heart realizes the advantage of coexistence.

Indeed, on a colossal scale, Homo Sapiens is equally “viral”, for this species has managed to spread across geographical boundaries while few other subspecies has gone extinct. What is victory in war to Earthlings, is fittest in survival to Nature. Thus, be it a natural mutation or a biological warfare, both causes are functionally synonymous, for both agents are Nature’s products, defective in their nature in their own ways.

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