40|By Persons

3rd person :

#410-“No new book has ever been written. All writers are only creating edits on the ancient manuscripts of eternal resource.” – Ernest H. Abinokhauno

Your quote is so dense,
~That I don’t want to read all,
Until I savour each one’s essence,
~Which I can’t wait to extol.

2nd person :

#438-“If you can see yourself as a message to the world; you would have successfully translated into a different realm where you can only be described as an enigma.” – Ernest H. Abinokhauno

Your quote is a mind-transport,
~That I don’t want to visit all,
Until I debark at each one’s port,
~Where I can’t wait to stroll.

1st person :

#396-“My quotes are salient serried songs singing to side-strip the stubborn sorrows of some stupid snags that are smothering the soul.” – Ernest H Abinokhauno

Your quote is so sizzling,
~That I don’t want to skim all,
While I see each phrase drizzling,
~When I can’t wait to recall.

Quotes such indited,
Inside Ernest’s laboratory,
Shan’t cease to be cited,
By persons of next century !

#439-“Because I have a message to the world, everything that happens around me is a presentation.” – Ernest H. Abinokhauno

Dated March 20, 2020

This poetry sprang as a spontaneous product of inspiration and being natural, it is Nature’s gift to Ernest H. Abinokhauno for his upcoming book of 500 quotes, as cherry-picked here by me for eager readers. Some quotes are very motivational while some are such, which if relished by whole world, would mark an era of mindsets, transcending to the next level of evolution.

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