23|The Frame 🌉

“The mention of no mention is no mention at all.”

WARNING : This story pictures a psychiatric regression. Read at your own risk.

It was past sunset, and twilight illumined the terrace black and white, as evening descended upon the dwellings. The birds made the day’s last flight while the bipeds were making their last meal before a good night’s rest, after a hard working day. The shortest family of the locality and the happiest of all, defied the arriving cold with their warmth of love. While the three small siblings rollicked on the small arena of beds, the fourth eldest one was unmindful of the last fun before they shall be tucked in.

Won’t ya come ?” insisted my younger brother.

Have fun with sis,” I refused, staring outside the door.

We shall night out today, in the patio, counting the stars just as you insisted,” reminded Pa to me.

Inattentively, or being attentive to elsewhere, I stepped outside the boundary into the open space, while in the house, Pa and Ma were laying out our meals as Sammy was playing around with little Polly and littler Jolly. I turned back, only to pause the bioscope, freezing the happy scene on my leaden frame.

A chill grazed the back of my shoulder, to which I turned to face it. I puffed a mist of hue, out of my mouth into the airy screen, where it formed a cloudy smorgasbord of moving pictures of flowers and candles.

Ye shall not enter,” I commanded.

You can’t keep me out. Minutes later, all of you will come out, including Jolly,” the Cloud scorned my order.

Nay !” I ramped.

Look far, at your right, into the sky. Don’t you see it coming ?”

Visible in the sky was a small scatter of black dots, incoming for its feast of blood. I raised my hand and waved it away, but in vain.

You can’t change everything. Her time is sealed.”

Not in my presence,” I asserted and made a fist tight and tighter while the Cloud resisted as it began to shrink. Meanwhile the ominous dots flickered on the evening sky for a while and then disappeared. “I have done it. It is undone.”

Alas ! As I released my pressure, the Cloud began growing back ! “I am elastic, indestructible,” the Cloud yelled.

I squeezed again but only to watch it grow bigger ! “The more you oppose me, the more shall I grow.” With this inadvertent disclosure, the Cloud made an overconfident howl of laughter.

Well then, I leave you unopposed but here, locked outside and let the Breeze of Time drift you away,” I smirked as I moved back towards our haven.

Are you locking me out, or locking yourself in, at this place, at this moment, just prior to this inevitable past, where it is your choice for which she met her ill fate ?” the Cloud cried out loud helplessly.

Ignoring the voice of my Cloud, I entered the stilled black and white frame of my past and bolted the door. It was a happy, tranquil picture inside. The hush of the moment slowly faded into jolly cackles, and time lost its passing !

Tribute To :

This story is a successor to a loss in neighbourhood, of a young age, of a daughter, of a sister, due to a fever !

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