19|Life After 🌉

“Afterlife, is also of materials, that are disposed.”

Fear not the darkness,

For no one awaits you.

None is there to welcome,

For it is a trip solo.

You shan’t feel alone,

For you shall get you.

You fan out or curl up,

You shall rest in you.

PLEASE : Comment to let me know how you liked (or disliked) the article. Thank you for reading.
Note :
This is my first form-free poetry, the one without rhymes, that I was never capable of writing until the occurrence of my post#15.

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3 thoughts on “19|Life After 🌉

  1. The five senses perceive only a small portion of reality, which since we rely solely on these senses, they completely construct the world around us. This poem appealed to my ‘sixth’ sense. Nicely done!

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  2. A poem without rhythm in sound may have rhythm in concept, which is yours. So it’s a form poem as far as I am concerned. The root of poem is rhythm of something, periodicity of something, without which, it is mere prose.
    Nice one, you must go deep and write a bit more I guess. Seems you have somehow got disturbed from a continuous rhythmic thought. Or may be you were too thrilled with inspiration that the moment you jotted down, you lost sync. Though the limited lines are cool, I am sure there is more you can write and you should!! 🙂 Bravo btw

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