17|The Question πŸŒ‰


“Ask Anything (even grammatically incorrect) !”

That was what the board displayed on the door, that I impetuously knocked into.

“Come in.”

A lean man in blue suit, with curly hairs and black rimless spectacle, was sitting on the far side of desk.

“Please be seated and state your questions. You have one minute. If you’re lucky, then you’ll get your answer straightaway.”

“Where is the file,” I asked straightaway, “that the previous visitor just handed over to you ?”

“Lollipop, show the gentleman what we can.”

The lady personal assistant came forward and blinked frequently several times alike a machine, as she showed a file on the table screen titled, “Privacy Protection Policy.”

“She is …,” I was stunned.

“… my sister,” retorted the man on chair.

“Your sister is an android,” I was stunned more, and more as I looked at the desk with his name placard, “Mr Google.”

“Any more questions ? Twelve seconds left.” Mr Google inquired and I shot the paralysing question. Immediately, both Mr Google and Lollipop were stoned. I suspected and began putting my screw driver into Lollipop’s head and in no time, my job was done.

] I patted myself.

“But that is half job done,” Hypatia pointed out to the TV at the restaurant, “With them still inactive, a queue of questioners must have grown longer, that has alerted the cops. And now the whole world knows. It was meant to be secret.”

“I am not a thief,” I justified myself, “I am …” Hypatia hushed me and stared at the TV.


“We have several onlookers witnessing the last man entering the office. How does he look like ?” the reporter in TV interrogated someone randomly.

“Well, he seemed to have a stethoscope around his neck. He must be …,” said the witness as a truck went past the reporter buzzing a loud noise, “… a doctor.”

“Who ?” the reporter yelled.]

“Huh ! This is a toy for disguise,” I justified myself again, pointing around my neck.

“And yet, a reality,” Hypatia scorned me, “or not, else you’d have been clever enough to restart them.”

Then I had to explain, “At first, I posed a completely unanswerable question which they didn’t answer but were quick enough to respond to it. So, I had to shoot the unabated question. Its effect is irreversible.”

“And what’s that ?” questioned Hypatia curiously.

“What is LIFE ?” I answered the question with a question.

Hypatia started blinking frequently and in few moments, she was stoned too. Oh, no ! I had sent them to the land of undead, for all of their minds were stuck, still searching for an answer to ‘The Question’.

Thus, began the quest of the trio – Mr Google, Lollipop and Hypatia in a virtual reality !

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G. Edward Smith book review

Flash fictions of his, are not only the kind I prefer reading, but has also encouraged me to put an end to my stories “fearlessly”, without the fear of not ending it, for there are plots, often that occur incomplete and remain unshared !

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