12|How is the gravity of your blog ? ðŸ 

“A blog is a mediator of an author with the readers.”

Blogging is becoming a worldwide activity and the promotion of blog is a growing interest whose business often surpasses or overlooks its natural tendency of attraction viz. gravity of blog. Lamps are promoted well enough to be omnipresent across all human settlements, but nothing beats the gravity of sun for daylight savings.

This article is based on a sudden revelation occurred to me while wondering on the key points of the blogging world. I request the reader, if is a physicist (ah!!), a blogger to share his/her experience, so that we can enhance our understanding. Have fun reading !

The general relativity of your blog is determined by the set of readers available that manifests the geometry of your blogging environment, the possibilities of which are given below.

  1. Flat – Resembling Einstein’s theory, zero gravity in zero curvature, is the physics of that blogging world where the natural tendency of a reader to pick a topic is random. Lack of common interest makes uninhabited or scarcely visited islands of blogs.
  2. Curved – Readers are bent towards certain selection of posts, causing them to “seek and click”, thereby contributing to natural gravity of a blog.

The prime dimensions, scaling this curvature, made by a blog are given below.

  1. Space – The niche of an author can be of multiple interests, or a single agenda wherein the categories may be spread across separate blogs. Limited is the space of blogging, but not its attraction rippled outwards, making the space occasionally neared by cometary reblogging, or occupied by meteoric guest blogging, causing a probable induction of new inhabitants.
  2. Time – The relativity of time, including time zones, with respect to maximal reading governs the suggested hour and day to publish a post. Similar is the concern for frequency of posts that may be constant (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly/yearly), increasing (as growing from novice occasional to expert daily), decreasing (as loosing the enthusiasm from initial spike of excitement) or periodic (as declared recess for busy scheduled life).
  3. Matter – Content of post, including its originality and style of presentation, is the most significant undeniable cause of a consistent long lasting gravity. The usual primary three means of measure are title, excerpt text and header photo.

The aspects of blogging and its promotion are obviously not limited to above, but starts with above mnemonic reflection for the beginners in blogging.

PLEASE : Comment to let me know how you liked (or disliked) the article. Thank you for reading.

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