11|What can we expect from globalism ? 🌐

“Globalism is an ism of greater nationality through uniformity !”

Rome was not built in a day, nor was its empire overthrown overnight, but was a graduated act of acquisition. Avarice is the unrestrained reflection of possession and war is its manifestation, in the guise of either exculpatory action or inculpatory reaction, sometimes seeping out under the cloak of transactions. It is thus, the transition of relationships that one keeps a radar on, that eventually proliferates into a set of international pacts and policies.

This article is expected to be amateurish, intending only as an introductory to mull over the constitution of globalism. I request the reader, if is a policy maker, to share few encountered practicalities, so that I can grasp it better.

Between two parties, a pact is a Political Act of Convergent Thinking. Therefore, a global coalition proposes a reactive contract, optionally including a code of conduct, among diverse administrations of parties while its constitution presumes a consensus of a heterogenous persuasion of mass, in order to account for international differences, inclusive of political standpoints, through a process that ideates as an Implement of Tertium-Quid (IT), which mediates all concurrent contrasts to alleviate the same, thereby aiming for the sustenance of earthlings.

In contrast to science fiction’s planetary kingship or alike, with a possibility where hierarchy boils down to authoritarian archy or decisions reduces to contradictory discretions, due to changing rulers as expounded by the aftermaths of short-lived/failed Alexandrian Dream, following are the anticipated three primary Implicit Directives of Organic Laws (IDOL), scalable for worldwide unity.

  1. Intention : IT must not be detrimental to, existence as well as prosperity, of parties at stake, typically humankind.
  2. Selection : IT should be instrumental in, confluence as well as maturity, of verdicts generated, typically with supportive facts.
  3. Decision : IT should be, not temperamental of, subsistence as well as continuity, of its beneficence, but typically aided by assistive campaigns.

As a matter apropos IT, lies the problem of population of refugees and the manageability of its flux across countries. While the comity of nations continues to tolerate the diversity of respective policies, reminders are the common adversaries that called for paradigm shifts, putting any entente cordiale to the tests of time viz. the offshoots of nature, be it of human or of earth ! On the extreme other side as for progress, space being a frontier to a planet, could be of missions attempted collectively and more economically, though undeniable are the vantage points of separate endeavours. Thus, confined to its home amidst the universal wilderness, globalism is a lone big family, with its obvious internal affairs, fathered by history and nurtured by chemistry, of mosaic culture.

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3 thoughts on “11|What can we expect from globalism ? 🌐

    1. Yes. Although, myself too advocate diversity against uniformity, usually using human body organs, but I see your points are very specific relating to, atleast the example of emigration, as far I understand now.

      Local – relocation,
      Involuntary – refugees,
      Voluntary – expatriates
      and its solution lies in its health !

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