7|Are we too much dependent on doctors ? 🏠

“Doctors are angels on earth !”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as the adage goes. If you consider doctors as gods, then biblically the apple of Eve can keep you away. Truth is, doctors are not gods and the apples are not from Eden.

This article is based on neighbourhood experiences of medical failures, hence highly opinionated and may not serve as advisory. I request, the readers, if on the same page, to share their healing experiences so that I can see it better – the choice.

As of today, simplifying categories, there are 3 ways one takes care of self.

  • Professionals
  1. Doctors – An unarguably scientific means to cure our diseases is known to them, but the science itself is not only work in progress but also unexplored in some areas due to the nature of discovery itself. In short if doctors declare a 30% probability of cure, then it must be noted pessimistically that out of 100 patients, 70 of them would meet failure. This would help to focus on other decisions of life. e.g. allopathy
  2. Healers – Grouping hereby all other alternate professionals under the term ‘healers’, some patients consider healers worth a try, if doctors offer a less than 50% success w.r.t. the expenses involved. When these methods do work, placebo or not, it becomes an ethical curiosity of the mainstream followers to scientifically find the root cause of success instead of dogmatically rejecting it as a pseudoscience because knowledge extends beyond the syllabi. e.g. homeopathy, naturopathy
  • Self-Help – No medicine beats the prevention of disorders. This involves inculcating proper food habits and lifestyle. Immunity and fitness respectively, are not a one day course with overnight results but requires commitment and continuity throughout the life. Sounds hard work ! Prescribed by doctors, to prevent aggravation of chronic ailments, taking pills throughout the life is not a cure too, but only a maintenance of health. e.g. nutrition,exercise, laughing☺

Extracting the actions out of above lessons results into 3 resolutions to take care of yourself.

  1. Do not indulge in regular malpractice even if countered by doctor’s prescription.
  2. Do not delegate your natural responsibilities to doctor’s medicine.
  3. Do not expect sure success of doctor’s programme in error-prone cases.

In short, lesser the psychological dependency can be on doctors, the happier would be our lives. What do you think ?

PLEASE : Comment to let me know how you liked (or disliked) the article. Thank you for reading.

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13 thoughts on “7|Are we too much dependent on doctors ? 🏠

  1. To put it simply Yes. I appreciate this post. We are too dependent on Drs and their perspectives for our livelihood. Many of us at least. I know all too well. I had something happen to me two years ago that has thrown my life through a tumultuous roller coaster of bad to worse. I went to Drs hoping that they would have an answer if not they would work to find out what was wrong. Through a lot of time and too much wasted money I went over and over and over to be told we we don’t know for certain but it must be this. I take prescribed medicine to no avail. I go again. More medication more of the same yet it’s this one thing it’s just worse than we thought but we have nothing conclusive to say it is truly this just inferring from previous experiences – which from my perspective were likely wrong given my experience- To make this long story short. I went to many with no answer in the making. They weren’t even searching they just prescribed. One dr went one way and was wrong the other went the opposite and was wrong and they both said “I have seen this before”. Neither were concerned about looking for the cause only alleviating the symptoms. So I gave up on their system. And have found a modicum of relief through natural sources. As I have most of my life. Nature can heal. Drs don’t always have the answer let alone an answer. And if you contradict them they no longer wish to “help” you. Thank you again for another one that makes the rusty gears in my mind grind into motion. I have yet to read the articles but will when I have the opportunity. Keep writing and thinking.

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    1. Although initially, I imagined these cases to be unfortunate sporadic ones but later a statistics makes an astonishing revelation on decreasing life expectancy despite increasing medical expense, as referred in my “Further Readings” section of post !

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      1. You’re quite welcome. You make me think and I appreciate that. Though your posts are so informative I have to take them in when I at full capacity and not after a loooong day. I also like that you add extra material to read to go along with what you are inquiring about.

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  2. One of my favourite topics. Indeed you are right on tracks parallel to my view. 🙂 Modern art of curing is book of problems with half solutions, while ancient art of healing is book of maintaining perfect health and then solutions to problems.

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  3. In my experience, I have found that they treat the symptoms but rarely the cause. And they seem to really know little about the drugs they prescribe: their side effects and interactions.

    I had blood tests indicating insufficient kidneys. All they said was see a kidney specialist. I did and luckilly he knew about the drugs I was taking.

    On my first visit he looked at my chart and said, “I see you’re taking a statin drug for cholesterol and Tricor for tryglycerides. I have found that this can cause kidney problems. Stop the Tricor, get a blood test and see me in two weeks!”

    I did and never had any problems with my kidneys since and never saw that doctor again!

    My last visit to a doctor sent me to the hospital for 4 days with Lithium toxicity, in and out of consciousness and requiring dialysis to recover. I did not over take what was prescribed.

    This is just the tip of my medical iceburg. So am I now too much dependent on doctors?

    What doctors!

    It’s traditional Chineses medicine, lifestyle and natural cures for me!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience as now I see it better.

      (1) It is impossible for a humane brain to remember all known side effects, and certainly countless unknown interactions, of all organs.
      (2) To make it short, specialists are better to tackle known side effects but unknown interactions still remain.

      Oh, I try to follow the Chinese saying.
      “The Chinese do not draw any distinction between food and medicine.” – Lin Yutang.

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      1. No excuse!

        There are apps that doctors can run that list out drug side affects and interactions!

        I have used them!

        My wife had bleeding all over her body requiring bandaides in many cases. We went to doctor’s for two years with no solution, cure or treatment of any use.

        One day she was crying in bed because it never seemed to go away.

        I did a web search on her symptoms and within 30-minures I had a possible cause!

        I went to CVS, bought 1000 mg vitamin C tablets. Gave her 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 2 at night. Two days later her symptoms disappeared and have never returned!

        Can a doctor maybe remember or even diagnos such a condition as vitamin C deficiency?

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        1. Wow, I am not aware of such apps.

          As per my experience, the conventional doctors practise “drug therapy” and what you did is called “vitamin therapy”.

          Yes, vitamin C deficiency symptom may cause ‘blood capillary weakness’ (hence bleeding, slow healing).

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          1. It was scurvy! No doctor even thought of that cause!

            Drugs treat the symptoms not the cause! Di you understand?

            I have had high blood pressure like 160/90 for years, Taking 3 drugs for treatment. HPB is a condition: not an illness or disease. I decided a lifestyle chamge was needed. I now walk 4-5 miles a day; eat healthy food; exercise; drink mostly water; and much more!

            I’ve lost over 30 pounds; am 77 years old but pass for somebody in his 50’s; went from 8 meds to 3 at half dosage; etc.

            My blood work is now normal and my remaining doctor asked, “How did you do this?” And my nlood pressure now averages 125/80 or less! Last time, 117/71!

            I am not a fool!

            I lnow a hell of a lot about health after almist eight years of experience!

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          2. One remaining comment. A Voltiare quote:

            Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all.


            That summarises my experience exactly!

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