3) How responsive are workers ?

“Psychology is what puts a hundred people into hundred different categories.”

It is a naive attempt to classify people at workplaces based on their psychology, especially when I am no scholar at that but merely sharing my noetic dissection of their behaviour. Therefore, hereby I simplify the matter into responses of a person to people and incidents, namely Interactive Psychology, applicable for workplaces too.

The article is written in a pedagogical style because that is what is easily digestible by my brain. I request the reader, if is a qualified psychologist, to suggest variations so that I can refine my interpretations.

There are basic 7 archetypes of interactive psychology of workers, I refer to Rainbow of Interactive Psychology as below.

  1. VIOLET – they are beyond responsiveness with high mental vigour as they create their own desired incidents.
  2. INDIGO – they are responsive to incidents by anticipating them beforehand and can be adaptive to consequences.
  3. BLUE – they are negatively responsive to concerned people and can be found to compete with fellow colleagues.
  4. GREEN – they are responsive as per expectations for incidents and people and strictly abide by code of conduct and norm of formality.
  5. YELLOW – they are positively responsive to concerned people and are found to be helpful to fellow colleagues.
  6. ORANGE – they are responsive to unforgettable past incidents and have wide scope to learn from their own mistakes.
  7. RED – they are less responsive to people and incidents, probably due to weakness or laziness and can depend on others to act on their behalf.

In general, common man is typically GREEN type with the unwritten social contract (p,i) they abide by, as per suggested behaviour towards people (p) and incidents (i) encountered, which being variable, can be found to have different responses in different cultures.

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