67|Poetry : On Shoulders

When we think of the word fantasy, what does at first come across your mind ? The fantastic dreamscape embedded in Greek mythology has earned a special place in my heart. Following is 26-lined poetry about an imagined chat among a school of philosophers in a primitive civilization. " An apple when plucked, falls straight … Continue reading 67|Poetry : On Shoulders


52|Clarity-2 : Does it Grow ?

"Sky is the limit, not even for a giant." Clarity is a set of annual poetic posts, dedicated to October 10th, World Mental Health Day , hence attempting to clear out the clouds in our minds.  Disclaimer : This article is not a medical advice. Yardstick Of The amount we eat everyday, does not grow … Continue reading 52|Clarity-2 : Does it Grow ?

201| 3-Mix Challenge

Prompt Mix : Limit by 12 words, use 3 words - brevity, patterns, insight. Check References below for sources.Special Thanks to @poetisatinta for bringing forth this mix of 3 writing prompts through the response in her post.Indeed difficult, as @poetisatinta has rightly pointed out ! I'd likely not have attempted such, however these 3 words … Continue reading 201| 3-Mix Challenge